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“I  believe, that service industry has to keep a pace with growing Indian economy, which is moving ahead in leaps & bounds hence I wanted to set up an institute for the aviation & Hospitality sector. Aeronautical Engineering was introduced as a first step, following by Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (License Course) & next step is Wingsss, an academy for Air hostesses, flight Stewards, Hotels & Hospitality Management. The inquisitiveness and excitement on the aspiring student’s face gives me and my team the strength to work hard for expansion in the aviation sector.

The shortage of well-trained manpower in Service industry-Airlines and Hotels also inspired us to start these courses one after another in short duration. In 1990, there were only two major Airlines in India - The Indian Airlines and Air India. Now eleven major Airline are flying across in India and offering connection to Foreign Countries. New Airlines are entering the field and starting operation. International Airline are increasing their flights to and from India.

However very few of the educational institutes have set up Air Hostesses training course. In-depth view for the selection of the course material has seldom been taken. The institute has purchased its own AIRCRAFT for the training purpose to impart best practical training. As tourism is on the rise, the Hospitality Industry is also experiencing a boom; creating a host of employment opportunism.  I wish good luck to all young talent for flourishing in their chosen careers"

Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management
BBA in Air Travel Management( YCMOU)
Diploma in Hospitality Management
Diploma in Personality Development, Communication Skills & Airlines Ticketing


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Own Aircraft for Practical Traning
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Aerospace Engineering And Research Organisation
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