We offer Aerospace & Aviation Skill Sector Council approved 4 diplomas & 1 Advance Certificate Course.
• Diploma in Aviation Management
• Diploma in Cabin Crew/ Air Hostess Management
• Diploma in Ground Staff & Airport Handling
• Diploma in Air Fare & Air Ticketing Management
• Advance Certificate in Aviation Management

Yes. We provide excellent job placement assistance

On successful completion of course, you will be eligible to work in the below Job Roles:
• Cabin Crew/ Air Hostess / Flight Steward / Stewardess
• In-flight Customer Service
• Airline Operations Agents
• Airline Customer Service Agent
• Ground Crew
• Guest Relations Manager
• Airline Reservation Agent
• Travel Desk
• Fares & Ticketing Agent

To be hired as a Cabin Crew/ Air Hostess, one needs to be minimum 18 years of age. Along with fulfilling the age limit criteria, aspirants need to be well-versed in English to be hired as Cabin Crew. Apart from this, fluency in any other language will be an added advantage. Candidates are hired as Cabin Crew once they complete 10+2 level of education.

Cabin Crew or air steward/ air hostess are responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers flying with an airline. Everyday duties of Cabin Crew include greeting passengers, showing them to their seats, informing of air safety procedures, helping passengers who have special needs and greeting passengers as they de-board.

There is no difference between both the job profiles. They are simply two different words used to define the same job profile. An Air Hostess or Cabin Crew is tasked with looking after passengers on an aircraft.

The minimum educational requirement to be hired as Cabin Crew is completing 10+2 level education in any stream. Candidates who have completed their graduation will not be given any special advantage. To become a Cabin Crew/ Air Hostess one does not need to be from a specific stream or have pursued a specific course. On the contrary, aspirants need to fulfill other eligibility criteria such as weight, height, good communication skills, good vision, etc. to be hired as Cabin Crew.

Pilots are responsible for flying the aircraft. Some members who are part of Cabin Crew are – flight attendants, Air Hostess, pursers, onboard chefs and the likes. Cabin Crewmembers are responsible for ensuring the well-being of passengers onboard a flight.

Most airlines do not have any written rule regarding marital status. However, some airlines have clauses wherein only unmarried candidates with ‘no children’ are eligible to apply for a Cabin Crew post.

Flight stewards and air hostesses do not have a static work schedule or shift. Candidates in such a job profile work weekend as well as holidays (depending on the schedule/ roster issued for them). Once they become a confirmed employee, they are allowed holidays and off days as per industry standards.

When being recruited, no swimming test is done. However, aspirants are required to learn swimming before they board their first flight. Also, at the time of Cabin Crew training, one needs to prove that they are not afraid of water and if the need so arises then they can swim as well.

English is the only language which is globally spoken. And a flight attendant‘s job is all about interacting with passenger of different nationalities and communities. And if we don’t know their regional language English is the only way to communicate. For any airlines in the world Proficiency in English is must.

All cockpit/Cabin Crew are required to carry their passport on all flight. They get special aircrew visas and tiny little stamps in their passports (if at all) whenever they arrive and depart a country 

Generally, female flight attendants need to be at least 5 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 3 inches in height and weigh 58-70kg. Male flight attendants need to be 5 feet 7 inches to 6 feet 3 inches in height and weigh 68-82kg.

Your skin tone does not matter at all. You can be of any skin tone. It’s not a criteria for the selection. The only beauty requirement the airline want is clear skin without an acne problem or too much scarring and light professional make up and a warm smile on your ace.

Yes. English Enhancer programme is part of curriculum and over 200 classes will be provided during the course.

Yes. Your Practicals will be conducted regularly on one of our on-site air crafts.

Air Hostess has an average career span of 15-20 years; later, she / he can move to the ground duties, including the job of a Check Hostess, training of Air Hostess, Ground Crew, or work with the management level.

This course provides a pathway into the Aviation, Hospitality and Tourism industry in roles such as, Cabin Crew, Airport Office, tourism officer, tour operator, customer service manager, ground service manager, tourism information Centre manager or travel agency manager.

To become an air hostess or any other member of the Cabin Crew, you need 6/6 eyesight and it is equally acceptable if your eyesight is correctable through contact lenses.