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Diploma in Airhostess / Cabin Crew Training

A flight attendant, also known as steward/stewardess or air host/air hostess, is a member of the aircrew aboard collectively called as Cabin Crew. They hold most important position in the Air craft. There is always demand for this responsible and crucial position in the Industry.


This course is designed to train students on the skills required to become an Aviation professional. This course is ideal for young male and female professionals looking to get head start in the professional career.

Diploma in Aviation Management

The world is on the move and people are traveling more than they ever did. Whether for business or pleasure, people are visiting new cities and countries, even in remote parts of the world. All this is great news for the travel, aviation, and hospitality industry.This course prepares you to be a part of the never-ending profession as it prepares you for careers in Aviation, Hospitality & Travel.

Diploma in Airport & Ground Staff Training

Airport Ground Staff handling services is expected to witness major growth with the development in the Aviation Industry. There is a demand of skilled professionals who can perform the daily operations tasks effectively and efficiently. This course enhances required skills in an individual thus making her / him a perfect fit for the job profile.

DIPLOMA IN AIR FARES &Diploma in Air Fares & Tiketing Management

Air Fares & Air Ticketing is a process of providing a document by the airline to confirm the seating of the individual. Air Ticketing representatives are responsible for handling ticker reservations, cancelations, alterations and informing customers when a flight is delayed or cancelled.

Why Chooses

  • Students are trained to become a qualified Professional, meet the standards and requirements of employers globally.

  • On successful completion of course you will hold the Government Certified Course Certificate.

  • Various Scholarship facilities available.

  • Various Financial Aids available.

  • Exclusive practical training in our on-site Air-Craft.

  • Guidance through the job application process (free of charge). 100% Placement Assistance

  • The vast global experience of our Faculty

  • Audio Visual Session

  • Individual support on the journey from the course to the job placement

  • Individual Attention, Limited Batch Size.

  • Undertake a range of integrated, project based activities which set the Aviation, Hospitality and Tourism industry in the context of business.

Why choose us

Professional choice

Diploma Courses are certified by Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council (AASSC).

Wide range of Courses

Limited Batch Size hence Individual Attention.

Quality control

Exclusive practical training in our on-site Air-Craft.

Communicative Method

Scholarship facilities available.


Excellent Placement Opportunity

Central Location

Financial Aids available.

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