1. Application for admission to all courses must be made on the prescribed application form only. Photocopies of the form are unacceptable.
  2. All admissions are confirmed subject to the candidate fulfilling all the prescribed eligibility criteria as decided by the competent bodies and payment of requisite fees.
  3. Fulfilling the Eligibility criteria in itself does not assure admission to a Course unless approved by the college.
  4. The final decision to admit a candidate rests with the College.
  5. Admission is not transferable to any other individual.


Wingsss Aviation & Hospitality recognizes AERO- CET score and honors the scholarship offered by the organization on submission of the allotment letter with the due payment of fees within the prescribed time frame.


Students are expected to attend all classes without fail. If, for unavoidable reasons, leave of absence is required, permission from competent authority should be sought. 90% Attendance in all the subjects including Practicals, Visits, and Guest Lectures & Trainings is mandatory.


  1. All students should reach the classroom on time and shall not leave the class without the permission of the teacher
  2. All students should be well groomed and wear proper uniform with shoes & I- Cards.
  3. The behavior of the students, both within and outside the college premises should be decent and befitting to a professional institution.
  4. Students are prohibited from using the mobile phones within the campus.
  5. Students shall communicate only in English language among themselves and with the faculty members. This is a conscious effort to improve the English communication skill of students.
  6. Students shall keep themselves informed of the instructions issued to them from time to time orally or through notices/ circulars and emails.
  7. Students are expected to contribute towards the academic/ social/environmental initiatives that the Institute may undertake.
  8. Peer teaching and knowledge sharing among students should be the priority.
  9. Any unhealthy relationship between students that might affect their academic performance, breach their personal space or affect the reputation of the institution will be strictly dealt with.
  10. The College campus is a no–smoking/ alcohol-free zone.
  11. Every student should carry his/ her identity card and produce it on demand by the authorities.
  12. HOD shall be the final authority in the interpretation of the College rules. Matters not covered by these rules are left to the discretion of the HOD and her/his decision shall be final.
  13. Diploma certificate will be awarded only after successfully completion of the following:
  • Attendance minimum 90% & above
  •  Written Assessment Exam
  • Viva – Voce
  • Role Play
  • Presentations


  • All fees are payable by Cash / Demand drafts / Account Transfer Or Cheques
  • Fees once paid is non- refundable or transferrable under any circumstances.
  • On request for cancellation of admission, the refund shall be as per cancelation policy,

Cancelation Policy

  •  Before commencement of sessions, deduction of Admin charges.
  • Within 10 days after commencement of Session 50% of Annual Fees + Rs. 5000/- Admission Charges shall be deducted.
  • Cancelation request received after any period as defined in point 1 & Point 2 above shall have no refund & full fees need to be paid.