Co-Curricular Activities

Fire fighting

Fire Fighting

In order to provide knowledge, skills, and confidence to respond appropriately to a fire emergency and the proper use of emergency equipment and procedures to enhance survival in a fire emergency fire fighting training is provided to the students.

First Aid

First aid promotes the sense of safety. It makes students capable of managing incidents and assessing casualties. The more they are aware of the accidents, illness and treatments, the more they become conscious. Considering the importance of First Aid in Aviation Industry, regular training on First Aid is given to the students.

First aid
Soft skill

Soft Skill Enhancement Activity

Soft skills are an essential part of improving one’s ability to work with others and can have a positive influence on furthering one’s career.

Career Counseling

Career counselling helps overcome the obstacles and chalk out the path to career success by providing relevant knowledge. Also, it allows you to adopt the best practices that will pave the way to career success. The right knowledge will build your confidence, boost your morale and overcome barriers easily.

Career Counseling
Airport Visit

Airport Visit

Airport will be future workplace of the Aviation Students. To acclimatize with the work environment and also to enhance critical thinking of students, Airport visit is arranged for the students.